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After years of enduring Rayne’s sense of humor, self-centered demands, lack of attention span, and willingness to buy the two of them a house—

Hey, it’s not all bad.

—John’s heart has slowly ossified until all that remains is a calcified valve that barely allows blood to pass through. In asking John to listen to a heart that no longer speaks to him, he has reaped what he has sown. Sad eyes, Rayne. Sad eyes in-deed.

Rayne Summers is suddenly the only living thing in the universe.

I’m trying to figure out if that’s his worst nightmare or his greatest desire come true.

This is a Least I Could Do from a few days back. In the last couple of years, Rayne’s… well, been getting worse. There is a fine line between cheerful guy humor and being self absorbed to the point of active dislike, and Rayne’s been crossing over that line now and again. It also gets harder to believe that Rayne’s personal mantra — “Consequence Free” — could actually happen the way it does. Sooner or later, people get fed up with you.

Interestingly, Sohmer and Desouza touched on all of this a few weeks ago, when Rayne had to explain to his niece why so many people on the internet despised him. It was a good little stretch, though perhaps not as introspective as it might be. Then again, Rayne throws hammers through walls at work and is essentially ignored for it. Introspection isn’t his strong point.

Today, though, was kind of illuminating on where consequence free comes from. Rayne has just been in an amateur porn video with three women. Now, you and I might think that an executive at a company that does… something… might not want a sex video making the rounds. It’s the kind of thing that drops stock prices and makes boards that normally ignore hammer throwing put you on “gardening leave.” But, his friend John — the butt of most of Rayne’s jokes — has bailed him out. Not that Rayne’s recognized this fact.

Why do I find this interesting? In part because it explains part of how Rayne gets away with outrageous behavior. His friends, coworkers, boss and the likewell, they like him. And so they cover for him. Constantly.

And in part, because it highlights something interesting about what Sohmer and Desouza are doing.

See, a few years ago, it was declared that the agelessness of the cast was going away — the cast would age in real time. And since then, it’s been happening that way. People have been growing up. His friends have started getting married and having children. Rayne and John, who have been roommates since college, got a house together. Issa got a real job and a real relationship. People around Rayne are….

…well, maturing.

Rayne’s antics are getting more frenetic. More self centered. More… well, immature. Some of it’s for the humor value, of course, but I have to wonder. How much of it is because whether he likes it or not, the world around him is changing.

Consequence Free also means Reward Free. Rayne’s not ready to face that, even though the world is beginning to push him that way.

I’m really interested to see where this goes in two years.