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The start of the school year — or “f’ing September,” as we tend to call it — is a brutal thing. Nothing not school related happens, and it has gotten worse over the years. This year, we had an exceptionally tough summer with some heavy infrastructural upgrades and network expansions/changes/reformulations, and none of it is known to work until you have a full student body using it.

As a side note — so far it’s going very well indeed. But I digress.

Needless to say, my already pitifully small number of posts became “no posts at all,” and that’s the way it was. Honestly, I’m in no position to pick back up (in part because I have a rather ambitious plan for online doings — no, it does not involve a Kickstarter — that will shape what my online life for 2013 and beyond will look like, and so this is not the time to redevote my scrivenorial efforts to essay-writing) anytime soon.

But I just had a discussion with a coworker that I absolutely needed to pass along to you, the folks who I like passing stuff along to.

The discussion was on a technique he used for commenting code, and through it composing and documenting code. And it’s brilliant.

And it would work for almost any form of writing, cartooning, or creative endeavor just as well.

More after the break. I’m Terry Gross, and this is Fresh Aire.

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