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I’m breaking my… well, let’s call it retirement though this isn’t any kind of announcement. It just sounds better to be retired or semi-retired and occasionally pop up than to call the sometimes months between six or seven posts ‘hiatus.’ But I digress.

I’m breaking said retirement because this Something Positive strip highlights something I think the best writers know, but often times the best readers don’t. Kharisma, who’s currently going by ‘Nancy,’ has gone through tremendous character development since her first appearance. In her time of being disinherited, working at soul crushing jobs, becoming a phone sex worker specializing in being an ex-cheerleader being demeaned by the geeks she once demeaned, attempting to marry creepers for their money, being set on fire, attempting to kill horrible people as a part of a game (for their money), being wrongfully convicted of murder, being broken out of prison and ultimately going on the run accompanied by… by… a thing that may or may not be real… Kharisma has developed and grown. She’s gained depth and emotions and empathy. She’s learned many things, not the least of which is how to use Robert’s Rules of Order properly in a sentence.

What she hasn’t done, at her heart, is stop being a completely terrible person. She’s grown enough of a soul to feel badly about it, though she can get used to it.

That’s a good thing. Character evolution doesn’t have to mean evolving to the better. Sometimes, it’s just just a new kind of terrible.