Usagi Tsukino, the crybaby, poor study, bad girl of movement in the clunker.
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These are just a few of the rules we expect people to abide by when they’re hanging out on Websnark.

  • Don’t be a dick.
  • Vigorous commentary is encouraged, but the only person you’re allowed to be mean to is Eric (the founder of the feast). Being mean to anyone else is forbidden.
  • Please note that being a dick, even to Eric, will get your ass moderated or booted. We learned our lesson.
  • Eric and Wednesday decide what is ‘mean’ or ‘dickish’ and what isn’t. They are the Gods. THEY ARE THE GODS!
  • Comments are handled through the Disqus system. There are many ways to use your existing social and other authentication methods to connect (Yahoo, Google, Twitter, Facebook and the like), or if you prefer you can create a Disqus account. All are welcome.
  • Comments on a given post close after seven days. Generally, by then all sides have devolved to repeating themselves or the discussion has died anyway, so what the heck.
  • It is not the policy of Websnark to take posts down, though we may post corrections or clearly defined edits where necessary. Please note that we do retain the right to remove posts at our discretion.
  • All opinions are of their original writers or commenters only. If someone doesn’t like something you do, all that means is you have different tastes. Don’t worry about it. It’s all just the internet, man.
  • The people who write for Websnark will write about what they want to write about when they want to write about it. If they write about things you don’t like, or if they don’t write enough about things you do like, take this time to reflect upon a world that does not conform to our wishes, but instead is created by our individual contributions, and accept that sometimes other people contribute stuff you think is shit. That’s life.